Our Company

ISI is a completely independent, privately-owned scientific consulting laboratory that provides regulatory testing, and solutions to both unusual and common problems. Both our office and laboratory are located in the same building in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  The business was founded in 1991 by Peter Child and James Ford and, from 2001, owned and managed by James Ford.  In 2021 ISI was acquired by Sira Shahrzad - Senior Chemist at ISI for 10 years, and Farzad Mirzaei.  Both Sira and Farzad hold Ph.D.s in Chemistry (Giessen, Germany) and have completed post doctoral fellowships in Japan and California before settling in Canada and gaining experience in toxicology as well as analytical and synthesis chemistry.  They not only continue ISI’s tradition of scientific problem solving but greatly enhances their chemistry consulting capability.  James Ford remains with ISI as Senior Consulting Scientist and can be contacted at his usual e-mail.

Who We Are