ISI’s scientific consulting services are your ideal choice. We strive to fully understand what a client needs and what is non-essential. We personalize all of the work we perform for each client, helping them pinpoint their problems as well as aiding them in the development and implementation of innovative solutions. We offer technical consultation, inform you of what we know to be true based on facts rather than simply what we think might be the case.

ISI also offers the rare advantage of having a laboratory onsite. Therefore, when questions come up, we are able to run the required tests ourselves, quickly finding the answers and explanations needed to provide fact-based consulting services.

The scientists at ISI have a very strong knowledge base and years of experience working in the fields of chemistry, biology, environmental and analytical sciences. We have the confidence that comes from consistently providing precise, practical and effective solutions. We pride ourselves on providing tangible answers, always with the most honest evaluations concerning timelines and the probabilities of success.