The Importance of Being Independent

In the spring of 2016, Investigative Science Incorporated (ISI) was granted Corporate status by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) at their National Board meeting. We are very pleased to be a part of this group and we strongly believe in their core message of the importance of choosing an independent laboratory for your testing needs.

Being independent matters a lot for the quality, professionalism and transparency of the work you can expect from a lab. An independent lab has no other vested interest aside from meeting the needs of their clients. Also, this level of service is provided for each and every client to the fullest, not shortcutting one to the benefit of another. An independent lab can provide testing and consulting services for competing companies and they can do so while maintaining strict confidentiality and impartiality. In so doing, the independent lab gains a wide breadth of knowledge and experience that is not necessarily available with in-house labs, government-subsidized, or university labs.

Being independent also means that the lab has no government, manufacturer, trade group, client, or academic institution that it has to report to or apply to in order to maintain funding. This means that the independent lab can guarantee the security of their clients’ information and confidentiality of their findings. The independent lab simply needs to search out fully accurate results and report these results only to the client that enlisted their services. The independent lab does not have to consider anyone else’s research agenda, bottom line or preferred interpretation of the tests.

Being independent and relatively modest in size, as ISI is, also means that work is done in both a highly personalized and timely manner. We draw on our extensive knowledge base to address any problem you might bring us and we are solely focused on the work that we do for our clients. Larger operations as well as in-house and government-subsidized labs often cannot provide the individual care that a small, independent lab has as its very business model.

We at ISI are pleased to be a part of CCIL and we appreciate the advocacy work it does for independent laboratories across Canada. We also support their initiatives to reduce the unfair competition that independent labs face from government-subsidized labs doing commercial testing in Canada. We know that there are great and compelling reasons to choose an independent lab and every one of those reasons applies to ISI.