Your Currency Advantage

What to know how you can get 25% off your laboratory and consulting services with Investigative Science? That’s right, those OECD Tests you need for regulatory approval around the world just got cheaper! The answer lies in the fact that we are a Canadian company and our nation’s currency drop can work to the considerable advantage of our American and European clients.

The Canadian dollar hit an 11-year low this past week (originally published August 2015), trading at a remarkable 75.83 cents U.S. at this past Wednesday’s close of markets. According to External link opens in new tab or windowan article in The Globe and Mail’s business section, currency traders anticipate a further downward trend throughout the coming months. Investigative Science always bills in Canadian dollars. This means that, with the exchange rate, this is currently close to 25% off for American companies. Since the exchange with the EURO is currently at 69.87, it is an even better deal for our clients across the pond.

ISI has decades of experience working with American and European clients, pinpointing their problems, analyzing samples and delivering high-quality reports that are compliant to regulatory bodies. We have over 15 years experience in OECD testing and are GLP compliant. Located in the heart of Canada’s largest industrial and business community, we are serviced daily by all the major courier companies. And we always make our services as personally catered to the needs of our client as possible, whether they are our next-door neighbours or our neighbours to the south, or wherever in the world you may be.

Please feel free to contact ISI and see how much of an advantage our company can be for your bottom line. We will even provide a final quote with the Canadian amount and translate it into American or European currency to show you how much you will save. We can be reached by email at External link opens in new tab or or by phone at 1-905-634-4200.

Currency rates fluctuate regularly –check what the current exchange rate is External link opens in new tab or windowhere.